Friday, May 05, 2006

Friday at the Gym

I did get back to the gym today. As planned, I met my buddy Tim there. I also saw Andrew, another friend of Tim and me. It was a decent workout. Here's today's breakdown.
  • 41 minutes of roadwork
  • 4 rounds of shadowboxing
  • 4 rounds on heavy bag
  • 2 rounds on uppercut bag
  • 1 round on double-end bag
  • 1 round of stretching
  • 1 round of situps

Also, I did some sports visualization today. I'll write much more about this, I'm sure, but my friend Todd has recently reminded me of the important role visualization plays in an athlete's training. (Thanks, Todd!)

Today's visualization was pretty simple. I visualized one round of an amateur bout where I was matched against a taller opponent. I visualized myself doing perfect footwork, being full of energy, and landing hard, quick punches. Again, it was basic, but I haven't done visualization for a while. I'll get back to it more and write more about it soon.

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