Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mental Training on Sunday

I took today off from a physical workout. While I was feeling up to doing some punching and shadowboxing, I believe periodic rest is important to allow us to recover from the intensity of training. Therefore, I took a break from physical activities.

Instead, I focused on mental training. I did some visualization of myself in the ring, practicing punches and footwork. I also practiced seeing myself as the winner of the match, getting my hand raised at the end.

Soon, I am going to write some scripts for the mental imagery to make this part of my training more consistent. I will probably record them on my digital voice recorder so I can play them back as a guided imagery session. I think that will help me a lot. If I like the results, I may even upload some of those voice sessions or scripts to this site so others can try them out and adapt them to their own training preferences.

As I am writing more here on the blog and getting more focused again, I find my training is going better; it is more fun and I have a more positive attitude about it. I will continue this way and adapt the training as I go along.

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