Saturday, July 01, 2006

Saturday's Workout

Tim is back from his two weeks in Europe and he and I met today to do some training. It was a good session, and it's great to have him back. Here's the summary of today's workout.
  • 30 minutes of roadwork
  • 5 rounds on the heavy bag
  • 3 rounds of shadowboxing
  • 3 rounds of mirror training (working mostly on the left jab-straight right-left hook-straight combination)
  • 2 rounds on the uppercut bag
  • 1 round of situps
  • 1 round of stretching
In all, that's 15 rounds plus the roadwork. Next time, I'll probably be working on some defensive and counterpunching drills with Tim. For now, though, I am fairly pleased with this week's workouts.

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