Thursday, July 27, 2006

Wednesday's Workout

Today was quite a good workout. It was hot and humid in our gym, and I ended up drinking over 3 quarts of water during the workout. It was intense, but it went well. Here's the summary.
  • 35 minutes of roadwork
  • 11 rounds on the pads with Bernard (this was pretty intense today)
  • 6 rounds of shadowboxing
  • 4 rounds on the heavy bag
  • 3 rounds of stretching
  • 3 rounds of situps
  • 1 round on the uppercut bag
  • 1 round on the double-end bag
So that makes 29 rounds plus the roadwork. Attendance at tonight's practice was good. Bernard, Jack, Rich, Cory, Matt, and I were there. I saw Mike B. at the club, but he was too late to be there for boxing. Surprisingly, Tim was not there, so I will check in with him tomorrow to see how he's doing. We're having scheduled practices only on Wednesdays now through Labor Day. After that, we will resume our twice-a-week workouts.

I was hoping to get some sparring practice today. Bernard wanted me to spar with Rich. Unfortunately, Rich did not have a mouthpiece, so we didn't spar. Even though we have a full-face headgear, it doesn't offer the same protection as wearing a mouthpiece, so we decided it would be better to wait. I was ready to go and Rich seemed eager, too, but we need to make safety the paramount concern. I have not sparred with Rich before, so hopefully, we'll get to practice next week.

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