Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Some Thoughts on Healthy Eating

I haven't said anything here about the importance of proper nutrition in health and fitness. That surprises me because I am definitely conscious of that importance and I try to make wise food choices consistently. Good nutrition might be something we can take for granted if we are developing and maintaining good eating habits, but as with all things, it is easier to sustain that practice when I take some awareness to it and live consciously rather than unconsciously.

Over at The Philosopher's Stone, Russell Newquist, my friend, fellow athlete, and health-and-fitness kind of guy, shares his observations about the increased availability of healthy foods when we are away from our homes. This is one of those nutritional subtopics about which I've been fairly unconscious. Let me put it this way. Although I try to select healthy foods away from home, I don't often remember that it is more difficult to make those choices when I don't have direct control over the ingredients in the menu or the way the food is prepared.

Happily, as Russell points out, it is now easier to find one's favorite healthy foods in various places, even while eating meals away from home. Thanks for the reminder, Russell! Here's to some good eating for everyone, everywhere.

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Jason said...

Thanks for sharing, his got a great list there. To change our habit to a healthier lifestyle calls for repeated actions in the right direction.