Thursday, May 17, 2007

101 Blogging Tips

Since, in addition to being a lawyer and a boxer, I am also a blogger, from time to time I'll share some thoughts about blogging and some useful sites, blogs, and books about blogging. Here's the first of those recommendations from your friendly neighborhood lawyer-boxer-blogger.

At his excellent blog about blogging, Bob Walsh, the author of Clear Blogging: How People Blogging Are Changing the World and How You Can Join Them, points us to "101 Steps to Becoming a Better Blogger," posted at That's a very useful list and I am going to implement many of those suggestions on my blogs, including Lawyer-boxer's Blog.

Also, I highly recommend Bob's book, Clear Blogging. I have not finished reading it yet, but I already reaping benefits from the book's practical content and easy-to-follow guidance. I cited Bob's book in an article I wrote about Internet radio yesterday, and I have used suggestions in the book to help with the blog consulting work I do for some clients. If you're interested in blogging, Clear Blogging will give you tons of useful information in an easy and accessible format.


Bob Walsh said...

Steve - thanks very much for the kind words - and keep on blogging!

Steven Imparl said...


You're most welcome. Thanks for visiting and I hope you'll be a regular here. And I definitely will keep on blogging!