Saturday, May 26, 2007

Friday Workout

I did a workout with my friend Roger today. He did not have his mouthpiece with him, so we didn't spar, but it was a good session anyway. We started out with 2 rounds of shadowboxing and 1 round of stretching. Then we did about 10 rounds of practice drills. We stayed with the basics and did the following drills:
  • Left jab and defense against left jab;
  • Left jab, defense against left jab, and immediate counterpunch with left jab; and
  • The old one-two punch and defense against it.

I wasn't sore after this workout, but my left arm was a little tired from throwing so many jabs. My coach, Bernard, always talks about drilling the basics: throwing the left jab for an hour. It's an important punch; since it provides the foundation for my offense as a right-handed boxer, it is worth practicing it over and over. We may spar next time to put everything together.

I also did 40 minutes of roadwork today. It was a sunny, mild day--a great day to be outside.

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