Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Mental Game

Since I am in a rather strange time of transition, I am going to start focusing a lot more on the mental aspect of my boxing training. I've worked a lot physically on punches, footwork, balance, movement, defense, counterpunching, and strategy. However, I always feel I can do much more with the mental game. Therefore, I am going to be doing more of the following activities to help me improve as a boxer:
  • brainwave entrainment,
  • relaxation,
  • guided imagery,
  • affirmations, and
  • visualization.

Meditation is part of the regimen, too, but I have not listed it here because I already meditate regularly to practice mindfulness and to relieve stress. Since I'll be giving the mental game more emphasis, I will start blogging about it here more frequently. I'll post some of what I am doing and share the valuable resources I find along the way as I work to unify mind and body for boxing and in all areas of my life.

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