Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wednesday's Return to Practice

Today, I finally got back to the gym. (The story is too long and complicated to post here.) It was great to be back. Here's the recap of the workout.
  • 24 minutes of roadwork
  • 10 rounds on the pads with Bernard
  • 5 rounds of shadowboxing
  • 3 rounds on the uppercut bag
  • 2 rounds on the double-end bag
  • 2 rounds of stretching
  • 1 round of situps

That's 23 rounds plus the roadwork. Not too bad for the first time back. It was a good practice. In addition to Bernard and me, Jack, Cory, and a new guy named Ted were there. Ted has boxed a bit before, so he seemed to slip into the workout routine easily. Andrew also showed up but it was after 7 p.m. when everyone had already finished his workout. Hopefully, he'll be there earlier next week. We're supposed to do some sparring next week. That will be fun.

Bernard also mentioned that he has been exploring some possibilities for places where we can continue our training after we lose our CAA home. Bernard said he has found a few locations that seem promising. He will check into them and let us know how they might work for us.

That's all the information I have now, but it's really good news. The powers that be may be able to sell our athletic club out from under us without our consent. However, they cannot stop the CAA boxing team!

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