Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Winning the Mental Game

Do you frequent RossBoxing.com and RossTraining.com? If you don't, you should. At his Web sites, Ross Enamait offers a wealth of information about boxing and other combat sports. In addition to his blog, his discussion forum, numerous free articles and videos, and free newsletter, Ross has some excellent training manuals available at prices that are very reasonable, considering the amount of useful information Ross packs into each of them.

Now that you've probably gone to Ross's site, started surfing it, and adding it to your favorites or bookmarks, allow me to point out a specific blog post that I find very helpful. I recently wrote about the mental game in boxing. On his blog, Ross offers his insight about the importance of the mind in combat sports. He also links to two of his articles that discuss the value of mental training in more detail.

On the important subject of dealing with nerves and the pre-fight "butterflies," Ross observes:
"As for dealing with nervous energy, nothing beats experience. You need to become comfortable inside the ring (or cage). This won’t happen in the gym. You need real/competitive experience. A fighter isn’t developed overnight. It takes time."

Ross really knows his stuff. My experience agrees completely with his comments. There really is no substitute for experience. As I gained more competitive experience, I started to feel at home in the ring. As one of my former coaches, Todd Collins, put it, a boxer has to feel like the ring is his workplace, his office. In that space, he must be comfortable. I don't know if Todd and Ross have ever met, but they have taught me many of the same things.

I always feel I have much to learn; I absorb training tips and new information like a sponge. I hope I'll always continue to learn about training and technique. As I mentioned in my earlier blog entry, I will be focusing even more on the mental game in the near future. I will use Ross Enamait's articles and training suggestions to unify my mind and body and become a better boxer.

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