Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Lawyer-boxer-blogger is Now Blogging at JD Bliss

I'm happy to announce that I am now a guest author on the JD Bliss blog. JD Bliss has a simple, focused goal: "to help attorneys leverage their JD [Juris Doctor] degrees into satisfying careers, personal growth, and individual happiness."*

JD Bliss provides information about a wide variety of topics. Too numerous to list here, the various subjects focus on helping lawyers improve their work/life balance, create more satisfying careers for themselves, and grow as whole persons living rich, satisfying lives. The information on the blog also helps law firms to improve attorney retention and motivation.

My inaugural entry on the JD Bliss blog is about five established and experienced big city lawyers who, in the middle of their careers, left very large firms to join small firms or even start their own firm. Please read that blog post to see the success and happiness those attorneys found as they discovered that bigger does not always mean better in the practice of law.

* For more information about the mission of JD Bliss, see the blog's "About us" page.

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M said...

Thanks for sharing information on this blog. I think I will be visiting often for tips as I am one of those 'challenged' person looking to improve my balancing act.