Saturday, July 21, 2007

Looking at New Gyms for Training

As I have written before, my athletic club is closing down and our boxing club is going to need a new home, at least temporarily, but probably permanently.

Meanwhile, Nerd of Steel has recently published some really good entries on his blog about finding and evaluating a boxing gym, so the timing is great for me: I can read his reminders and be able to use them right away. Here are a few links to these topics on his site:
While I have listed a few links above to share the blog entries that have been particularly helpful to me during this transitional time, Nerdcore Boxing is a fine blog as a whole, and I hope you'll visit all of the site.

Updated at 1:07 p.m.: I forgot to mention earlier that my friend Russell Newquist mentioned about a month ago that he, too, is looking for a new training facility. He has two blog entries on his search.

Although the specific things he is talking about are somewhat different than what I'm encountering in my search for a new gym, there are some similarities. Not the least of those similarities is that sense of being unsettled and not getting as much exercise as I normally would. I am hoping to have my search concluded and be settled in a new gym within a couple of weeks. I would be very happy about that. If for some reason that doesn't happen, I will join a gym that is pretty close to where I live, at least temporarily, until Bernard and the rest of our boxers figure out what they want to do.

It's reassuring to know that I am certainly not the only one who is making this type of transition. I hope Russell's quest ends soon and he finds a place where he'll be happy!


M said...

Hi Steve,

Good luck with finding a good place to train.

I had to attend lectures on training nights last semester and I decided to use the gym on the campus so that I can go straight after the lectures and train myself.

I would get there when the session is nearly done.

Any training was good training given the issues then. Now I am sticking with the gym for flexibility it allows.


Steven Imparl said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Marc. I appreciate it.

I know the transitional period won't last forever, so I am trying to maintain a positive attitude about it. Also, the change in location may be a good thing for all of us.

Mainly, what I want is to be settled in at the new gym and have a routine going. That will put my mind at ease, at least about this particular issue.

Thanks again for visiting the blog and commenting.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the trackback.

I hope your gym transition goes smoothly.

Nerd of Steel

Steven Imparl said...

Hey Nerd of Steel,

You're welcome. Although I have changed gyms several times over the years, it was great to read your blog entries. They reminded me of important issues.

Thanks for the good wishes. I'll be glad when the transition is complete. Usually this kind of thing is a straightforward deal. However, it's a little more complicated this time for a few reasons. The biggest issue is that we're trying to move a group of guys and keep the team together.

We will get it figured out and hopefully soon. Thanks again.

Steven Imparl said...

BTW, Nerd of Steel,

Since you suggested it would be a great blog post by itself, I have posted here the comment I had previously written at your blog. Here's the link.

Thanks for the suggestion!