Friday, August 17, 2007

Good Luck to Another Lawyer-boxer, Marc Saggese

Marc Saggese, a fellow lawyer and boxer, will step into the ring tomorrow night in Sandy, Utah for his third professional bout. Saggese, who practices in Nevada, is unbeaten in professional competition, winning his first match by retirement and his second by a first-round TKO. That's quite an impressive start to his pro career. Marc will be facing Buddy Payne, of LaGrande, Oregon. On paper, it looks to be a fine match-up since the bout will be the third pro fight for both men.

Good luck to both boxers. It's always good to see one of my own kind stepping in the ring. I'll post some more news stories about amateur lawyer-boxers soon.


M said...

Wow, that is totally awesome. Such a contrast in terms of the two profession this guy is able to pursue together.

No matter what the outcome, I think it's just awesome.

Thanks for posting this. It is both energising and inspiring.


Anonymous said...

That is just amazing! win or lose - that is Impressive.