Monday, October 22, 2007

The Best Laid Plans...

On Saturday, I invited my friend Mark to visit my new gym and join me for a workout. He is interested in joining, and is interested in boxing as well as weight lifting. So far so good.

Mark and I arranged to meet there at 1:00 p.m. Of course, even though I allowed plenty of time to get there, I had to wait for the 18th Street bus for half an hour--the longest wait I've ever had for that bus--and I got their late. Still, no problem, because Mark wasn't very upset about having to wait for me. He got a tour of our gym and some basic information about it, along with a 7-day trial pass so he can use the facilities and see how well he likes it.

The problem is that we did not get to do our workout as planned. Since it was nearly 1:15 when I got there and 1:20 when Mark returned from walking around the neighborhood, there was time just for a tour and a few questions, but no workout, because the USA team, in town for the world championships, is training at my gym! How cool is that? Here's a little more detail.

"The 11-man squad arrived early Thursday before checking into their hotel and taking part in their first training session at GOTIME Chicago. The team will train at the local gym through the opening day of competition. Following their first training session in the Windy City, Team USA enjoyed a team dinner of Italian food at a local Chicago restaurant.

"They will continue their final few days of training on Friday morning, getting in an early morning run prior to training at 2 p.m. at GOTIME. The 2007 event is the first senior world championships for nine of the 11 team members with only flyweight Rau’shee Warren (Cincinnati, Ohio) and bantamweight Gary Russell, Jr. (Capitol Heights, Md.) having competed in the 2005 edition. Both boxers took home bronze medals from the 2005 World Championships in Mianyang, China."


The USA team was scheduled to begin their training at 2:00 p.m. It was my (perhaps erroneous) understanding that the gym was going to be closed to members for security reasons. I need to check into that because the news source I quoted above says the training sessions will be open to the media, so if media, why not members? I believe there is training scheduled for Monday, so I need to verify that. After all, as a blogger, I am part of the new media! It would be great to watch the team train, although it is probably in the early afternoon when it might be very difficult to get there, but we shall see!

In any event, I am psyched to be training at the same gym where the USA world championships team is training. Just knowing they are there is pretty cool. Hopefully, Mark and the other guys can join me there this week, and to see some of the tournament.

World Amateur Boxing Championships in Chicago

The World Amateur Boxing Championships will be held here in Chicago from October 23 through November 3. The event will be at the UIC (University of Illinois at Chicago) Pavillion.

It looks like it will be a pretty hectic week at work (that's why I am blogging at 1:44 a.m. on Monday), but I am hoping to attend some of the event, since it lasts two weeks. I'm also hoping some of the boys from my old club will go. We'll see what happens.

If you happen to be in Chicago this week or next, and you plan to attend the tournament, you just might get to meet your friendly neighborhood lawyer-boxer-blogger. :-)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Randy Couture Resigns from UFC

Kevin Iole at Yahoo! Sports reports the story here. Wow. I wasn't expecting that.

Although this blog is about boxing rather than MMA, I'll comment here on MMA from time to time because I think it's interesting, it's related to boxing, and I may be interested in learning more about it for cross-training purposes.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Gleason's Gym and The Real Fight Club Sponsor Fight Night on December 11

This event will be in London, England. It looks to be a good time and the event will raise money to help build a youth boxing gym.

I was invited to box in this event last year and this year. I was hoping to do it this year, but money is tight now, so traveling to the UK in December is out of the question. Hopefully, if this event is held next year, I'll be able to participate then. For now, it's training, training, and more training.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Today's Training

I had a pretty good session today. I worked with Ray, the boxing coach at my new gym, and he gave me a few pointers on how to polish my technique. Here's the recap of the training.
  • 19 minutes of roadwork
  • 4 rounds on the focus pads with Ray
  • 4 rounds on the heavy bag
  • 3 rounds of shadowboxing
  • 3 rounds on the double-end bag
  • 1 round of sparring

I still need to get my weight lifting in somehow, but I know I will. It's great to be back in a more regular training routine.

Updated October 12, 2007: "1 round of sparring" above should read "1 round of stretching." I haven't sparred at my new gym yet, but I hope to do it soon. Thanks to Marc for pointing this out!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Thursday Roadwork

40 minutes today. This unusually warm weather has me motivated to stay moving outdoors. That's good, since I missed my gym session yesterday. Oh well, I just have to keep at it, day by day. Here's hoping for Friday and Saturday!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007