Monday, January 14, 2008

New Year, New Blog Stuff

It's now 2008 and the year is well underway. Things are already hectic, but manageable so far.

Since we're in a new year, I've made some changes to the blog. Here are the highlights of those changes.
  • Changed the blog to a new theme. I like the previous, darker theme, but decided to use something brighter during the winter.
  • Added some new pictures in the right-hand column. One is for humor, the other is from one of my bouts and has a link to more photos of the match.
  • Added a few links.
  • Arranged the links by category. Since this blog is about law, boxing, and blogging, I want to add many links, particularly about law and blogging itself.
I am currently struggling to decide whether to consolidate more material about the law of blogging into this blog. I'm very interested in publishing a blawg about blogging's legal issues, and I have started to do that at Blog Law Guy. I want to have more legal content here, since practicing law, rather than boxing, is how I earn my living. I am also trying to avoid having a lot of blogs on various subjects, because that very quickly becomes a really difficult practice to maintain over a long time.

I haven't resolved this issue yet, so let's just say I'm working on it. For now, dear readers, just sit back and enjoy the blog. :-)

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