Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Best Laid Plans O' Mice and Men

Hah! Foolish humans. They think they can plan stuff and actually make it happen. Don't they realize that various circumstances can quickly conspire to confound even their best efforts?

That's what happened to me on Thursday. I had planned--and hoped--to attend the free continuing legal education webinar, but a meeting I had ran longer than expected, so I missed the program.

Thanks to Peter Olson's blog, Solo in Chicago, I have found additional information about reasonably priced MCLE programs, such as MentorCLE. Obviously, cost is but one consideration in selecting CLE programs to attend, but since I am a solo lawyer, it's an important factor in my decision. I'd love to fly to New York or Los Angeles and spend two or three days soaking up all the latest developments in my areas of practice but that's not quite as feasible now as it was, say, in 2000. Nevertheless, I'm grateful for the opportunity to participate in the online programs because they really are convenient. On the other hand, the networking opportunities as great as the programs you attend live, but hey, these days we have blogs and MySpace and Facebook and LinkedIn for networking, right? Right?


uchi deshi said...

I enjoyed your blog. It was good to read about your exploits. I'm also a lawyer and boxer, although most of my training is spent in Aikido. I'm going to add your site to my links.

Steven Imparl said...

Hi Uchi Deshi,

Thanks for the friendly greeting and comment. It's great that you are also a boxer, in addition to doing Aikido. I will add you to my blog roll, too. Thanks. I hope you'll visit and comment regularly, both about law and about boxing.

uchi deshi said...

Hi Steve, I will visit regularly. Although I'm doing some boxing, because I live at the dojo, I'm not supposed to do other martial arts besides Aikido, so I have to be somewhat discreet about references to boxing in my own blog! Currently, I do drills with another deshi after class is over and everyone else has left the dojo. Keep up the good work!