Thursday, February 21, 2008

Freezing Out There

I did roadwork and shadowboxing the last two days and it has been really cold! Yikes. 30 minutes on Tuesday and 16 minutes yesterday. I've been doing it on the street because the pavement is free of ice. The sidewalks are mostly free of ice, but at the end of each block, there is always a patch of ice, often black ice, that threatens to have me looking at the [street] lights, so staying on the pavement is easier and safer.

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uchi deshi said...

I started jumping rope regularly not long ago. It's kicking my ass, but I'm slowly getting better - both in endurance and coordination. Are you jumping rope regularly, too? I don't run much because of injuries to ankles, knees, and back, and I didn't want the impact and I didn't jump rope before for the same reason, but I decided I had to do something new for conditioning.