Thursday, February 21, 2008

Going to a CLE Program this Afternoon... the comfort and convenience of my own home. I love this Internet!

Thanks to colleague, fellow Chicagoan, and fellow home office lawyer, Peter Olson, who mentioned this Web-based CLE program recently on his excellent blog, Solo in Chicago.

This webinar looks to be a really good program. While I don't currently have a trial practice, or any significant litigation practice* for that matter, I find it useful to stay as up to date as I can on trial issues, evidence, and court rules for at least three reasons.

First, you never know when I might get back into it, either as a decision to restructure my practice a bit or to work on a particular case that's especially interesting or where I can put my skills or passion to good use.

Second, while I concentrate my practice and writing primarily on Internet and e-commerce law for small businesses, it is important to stay reasonably connected to the areas of law that may affect my clients. Among other things, I need to be able to anticipate how various information might be used as evidence and counsel clients appropriately.

Third, since this particular CLE course deals with matters of ethics and professionalism, and particularly the Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct for lawyers, I believe that one can never study ethics and professional rules too much. The integrity of our profession, our service to our clients and to the public who has placed its trust in us, and our own ability to pursue happy and meaningful lives in the law depend on maintaining solid ethical foundations and buttressing them with continuing education.

I look forward to attending this program this afternoon. It's cold outside, but as I said, I needn't leave my comfortable home office to participate in it. Of course, just after the program ends, I'll need to attend a meeting at Northwestern University Hospital that is not available online, but I digress...

Thanks, Peter, for the heads-up about this!

* Several years ago, about 90% of my law practice was litigation. It was a blast, a rush, and I enjoy being in court and crafting, refining, and presenting legal argument on behalf of clients. However, I also went four years in a row with no vacation.

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