Saturday, March 08, 2008

Slow Training this Week

It has been one of those slow weeks of training. I wanted to do more this week, but the demands of work have required me to spend more hours on my law practice. That's fine. While I'm a bit disappointed, I remember that I am learning my livelihood as a lawyer rather than an athlete, and I am able to keep things in perspective. There are also some really good aspects of this week, so I want to share those, too.
  • After almost 14 years, I am still positively thrilled to be in solo practice. It is the right fit for me. From talking with friends of mine over the years, as well as blogging for the JD Bliss Blog, I have learned that I am really blessed to be working on my own and not at one of the "law factories" (or in "big law," as it's often called). Sure, I have made my share of mistakes in solo practice and I've learned better ways to do things, but going solo in 1994 was undoubtedly the very best decision I have made in my career.
  • I have been working with a new client and they have presented me with a fascinating legal issue. Because of professional confidentiality and the attorney-client privilege, I can't go into details here, but the project is perfect for my hyper-analytical mind; my neurons can really crunch on it and savor it. It's taking somewhat longer than I originally expected it would. I appreciate the client's patience and the opportunity to be at the forefront of important legal questions related to doing business on the Internet.
  • I earn part of my living by writing. I update my book quarterly, to keep it current, and doing that helps me keep up to date, too.
  • I earn part of my living by blogging. How cool is that?
Overall, at least in this moment, I am blessed and I am grateful.


uchi deshi said...

Lucky! I'd like to be on my own, but right now, I'm working at a medium-sized firm. I used to be at a factory in the SF Bay Area - that was hell!

Steven Imparl said...

Being solo is great. I have been on my own since 1994. It's a real blessing in my life.

Sorry you had the previous negative experience. :-(

uchi deshi said...

If you never had the big law firm experience, you don't know how lucky you are!!

The only reason I'm in a firm now, is because my wife quit her job last year, and I need to have a more dependable income for now.

Steven Imparl said...

I will take your word for it: I don't know how lucky I am!