Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Another Monday

Just 52 minutes of roadwork today. Even better news is that I received my replacement debit card and, unlike the previous replacement card I had, I was able to activate this card and use it. Now I can renew my gym membership (which used the old debit card that got stolen).

Automatic, recurring payments are great--as long as they work. Having my debit card stolen has been a very educational experience about how even simple personal finances and banking can become complicated in this electronic age when various accounts can be linked to one another.

It will be difficult to enjoy the same convenience without the complexity and the interrelationships among my PayPal account, debit card, and bank accounts. Nevertheless, I am developing some backup strategies to make things a lot easier in the event this situation happens again. I hope it wont, of course, but I plan to be prepared for it anyway.

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M said...

Ouch, getting your card stolen hurts. Hope you come up with a bullet-proof strategy...perhaps you'd share with your close buddies?

Take care and make the most of your gym membership!