Friday, April 25, 2008

Mental Training

Yesterday, I focused on doing some mental rehearsal. It was the first time I had done it in a while; I need to do mental training more often.

For Thursday's training session, I spent about 15 minutes visualizing how to handle effectively an opponent who is always charging and hitting very hard--he's a relentless attacker. During the visualization, I recognized the importance of staying light on my feet and being able to move quickly. I always think I can't do too much footwork practice, and this mental training session affirmed that.

My imaginary opponent for the visualization is a friend of mine named Dave. I have fought him twice. I beat him the first time and he came back strong and won the second bout. I am eager to challenge him to a rematch.

Mental practice helps to point out some techniques I need to polish, such as smooth, quick footwork. It also gives me some concrete ideas about strategy; I can try out different approaches and see what works.

A challenge for mental training is the duration of it. I find myself training mentally for about 15 minutes at a time, but then I leave it on the side for too long. I am going to try more frequent mental training sessions and see if that helps me stay focused and improve my technique.


M said...

I agree that mental aspect is a very important part of the game. Often you see through your mind's eyes what you fail to see at the time. I'll be more aware of this and try to visualise what I will do next time I spar.

uchi deshi said...

Hard to deal with a determined charger. Nothing to do but move quick while putting a jab in his face.