Sunday, April 13, 2008

New Blog Sighting

This morning, I happened upon a relatively new blog that has some good content and insights into our sport. It's called The Current Boxing Scene, and it is published by a fellow who calls himself "the boxing fanatic." According to the archives, this blog has been online for about two and a half months and provides very good commentary about what is going on these days in boxing. It's a fine blog and I hope "the boxing fanatic" will be posting more frequently. I already like what I see!

Hat tip to Marc at My Boxing Blog for the link.


Usually, I don't second-guess myself, but shouldn't that read "glove tip" instead of "hat tip." Or, maybe, "glove tap"? Nah, the latter is too aggressive--Marc might think I'm challenging him or something!


M said...

Hmm...them threatening words!

Steven Imparl said...

Threatening? How can you say that? Hehe.

Would a reasonable man situated similarly to you have an objective basis for perceiving a threat of any type of imminent harm, from, say, about 10,000 miles away? :-)

Thanks for visiting!

Anonymous said...

Youtube FINALLY has put video from the recent light heavyweight boxing championship at the Aragon ballroom in uptown online.

Tavoris Cloud Vs. Mike Wood (1 round KO) --
Jesus Valverde Vs. Louis Turner -- 's "Privacy is Priceless" and "Safe Sex is Great Sex" campaigns sound good to me! They seem to be like an adult entertainment site but more than porn, like an online Maxim magazine. I'm gonna check em out.