Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Monday's Training

Got to the gym after work today. Here's the recap.
  • 45 minutes of roadwork
  • 4 rounds of shadowboxing
  • 4 rounds on the double-end bag
  • 4 rounds on the heavy bag
  • 4 rounds on the speed bag
  • 4 rounds of stretching
  • 1 round of situps and crunches
Not bad. That's 21 rounds plus the roadwork. I worked a lot on polishing combinations. In boxing, as in any sport, there's always something the athlete can do just a little better. Tonight, I focused on the speed of my punches and making them follow one another smoothly. Of course, I had to do that while staying balanced, in a good stance, moving my head to make it harder to be hit, gliding across the ring like an air hockey puck, and so on...

On another point, Robbie was the man in charge of the gym tonight. He's a great guy, as well as a very good fighter, and I'm happy to see him taking over more responsibility.

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