Monday, September 15, 2008

Not Much to Report

I haven't blogged a lot lately because there just is not a lot to report on the boxing front. I have been consumed with getting ready for my move and trying to keep my law practice going and keeping up with my writing gigs. I've also spent a considerable amount of time helping my parents to get ready for their upcoming move. Training has been less frequent and less intense than I would like, but I know that's a temporary situation that I'll get past soon.

A man named Glen, one of the readers of this blog, who lives in the greater Chicago area, invited me to box with him in a local bout on September 25. Ordinarily, I would jump at the chance, but I have too many distractions right now to add a boxing match to the mix. My training isn't where it needs to be for such an event and there is no way I am going to box unless I am in fine physical and mental shape for it. I have no interest in getting injured or injuring anyone else. I also want to be a worthy opponent. It's a shame because, at least on paper, Glen and I seem to be very well matched.

I had to decline the invitation for this particular match. However, in the spirit of good sportsmanship, I've been reaching out to a few boxers and coaches here and trying to help Glen find an opponent. Also, I told him that I would be very interested in doing a bout in the future, if we are as evenly matched as we seem to be. If I could sensibly squeeze it in, when Glen has his bout, I'd love to be the guy in the opposite corner of the ring. That won't happen this time, but perhaps in the near future we can arrange something. In any event, good luck, Glen, and let us know how it goes!

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