Monday, November 24, 2008

Blawg Review # 187 Is Now Online at LawyerCasting

Joshua Fruchter, the Editor and Publisher of LawyerCasting, is hosting this week’s Blawg Review. In honor of Evolution Day, Blawg Review # 187 has a theme of “survival.” It has a collection of many links to informative blawg articles, organized around the following general topics.
  • State of the Legal Industry
  • Advice for Individual Attorneys
    • Excel at your work
    • Switch practice areas
    • Go solo
    • Leave law
  • Advice for Law Firms
    • Conserve cash
    • Consider (and reconsider) the need for and value of layoffs
    • Focusing on existing clients
    • Continue marketing cost-effectively and creatively
    • Bailout money
Overall, Blawg Review # 187 offers practical suggestions and tools for lawyers and law firms working to “survive” in today’s challenging economy. These are strategies that attorneys and their firms need to go from merely surviving to thriving. Read it!

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