Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sunday's Training

Sunday's training was quick, but very useful. It included the following:
  • 35 minutes of roadwork
  • 3 rounds of shadowboxing
  • 1 round on the uppercut bag
  • 4 rounds on the heavy bag
  • 2 rounds of stretching
I'm starting to introduce (or reintroduce) new elements into my workouts. One example is endurance drills on the heavy bag. Those drills consist of punching nonstop for a set period of time. I did 30-second drills on Sunday--30 seconds of punching at the end of the round. I'm pleased with how it went, but of course, I want to improve it. The more variety I can offer myself in the workouts, the better it will be all around and it will be easier to stay motivated for training.

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The Boxing Match said...

Okay, now I'm getting the feeling that I need you to train me before I have a match against you!

I like read other training blogs. I just started my shoulder therapy and getting to work on my lower back etc. I get inspiration from reading about others and their training.