Thursday, January 15, 2009

Freezing in Chicago

Roadwork yesterday was 35 minutes in some serious cold. I had an appointment that ran too long this morning and have a meeting this evening, so I won't get to the gym today. If I can squeeze it in, I'll get some roadwork in this icy weather. If not, I'll get back to gym training tomorrow morning. The evening is already reserved for a few buddies coming over to watch hockey and have a beer or two.

It's cold outside, but invigorating. The key, I think, is to keep moving. Once I get a warm hat that covers more of my handsome mug, I'll be riding my bike along the lakefront trail again, assuming, of course, that there isn't a lot of ice. I don't mind an intense ride in the cold, but sliding on ice that's often invisible--and possibly falling down hard after sliding--or becoming a human popsicle (aka frostbite sufferer) don't appeal to me. I thoroughly enjoy a good, tough challenge, but I'm not that desperate for fun!


Anonymous said...

I can feel your coldness. This only shows that "mr. Global Warming" is just around the corner. We are experiencing "too much" of everything

rania123456 said...

I want to see real picture of this post.