Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Visiting Some Boxing Blogs in the 'Hood

There are lots of blogs online; who can keep up with them all?  Even with my best efforts and (what I think is) my skillful use of my RSS reader/aggregator, I know I can't read everything I want.  Nevertheless, here are a few posts by my fellow boxer-bloggers that I've enjoyed, and I hope you will like them, too.

First, the tenacious Marc reports that he is back in training "again...again."  Way to go, Marc!  Keep up the fine work.

Next, the author of Toe to Toe (sorry, I don't know his name and couldn't find it on the blog) has a bout coming up on March 20, 2009.  Please join me in wishing him much success.

Last, Jonathan Moreland continues his process of Earning a Nickname and recounts the highlights of his recent bout.  Congratulations, Jonathan, and good show of sportsmanship in the match.

I'll have an update about my own training soon, maybe even later today.

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