Sunday, December 20, 2009

Brief Update

Not a whole lot to report right now. I had a good week last week with two really good sessions with Glen, then roadwork on most of the rest of the days.

There was no "fight club" today because Glen was not available, so we're on our own for training until next Sunday. That's fine: I need a break to do some mental training and visualization, so I can absorb everything I've been practicing during the last few weeks. I'd like to get in one workout this week that is dedicated to footwork. Some of the combinations I'm working on are good, but they're only going to work if they are built on a foundation of solid footwork.

Meanwhile, I keep working on the basics such as practicing my left jab hundreds of times. I figure I can never practice the basics too much. Hopefully, next week will be a bit more normal for training and I'll be able to get some good sparring. Until then, it's practice, practice, practice, and more practice.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Sunday's Training

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Wow, there hasn't been much blogging here recently. Training has been continuing, but I have been less than consistent in writing about it or blogging about anything. Nevertheless, I want to write a little more frequently, and I still want to talk about some additional topics here. For now, here's Sunday's training update.

I trained with Jim and Jeff and Glen on Sunday morning. As always, Glen kept things interesting with a variety of sparring drills that focused on attack and defense and counterpunching. When I was first learning to box, I remember hearing something about the jab being about 60% of the punches a boxer will generally throw during a round. While I've never counted how many of my punches were jabs, I have noticed that I do throw a lot of them and that seems consistent with what I see other boxers do. Thus, the jab is an important punch to master, so we spend a lot of time drilling it. When we win, we're most likely to win on points, so it's essential to have a quick, solid, and accurate jab that can score a lot and create openings for other punches such as a straight right or left hook off the jab.

The other drills included the straight right, the old one-two punch, blocking the opponent's combination and answering back immediately with a combination, and limited sparring with one or two punches to practice them.

It went well. After the drills and limited sparring, I sat out the regular sparring because my left ankle was bothering me. If I take a break and ice it, I generally don't have any big trouble with it. That's a good preventive strategy for the ankle, but I was unhappy because I was fired-up for sparring and looking forward to the chance to practice some new footwork and combinations I've been working on. Thus, it was a disappointment. My ankle sprain, suffered during a shirts-and-skins pickup basketball game at Bahías de Huatulco, Oaxaca, Mexico in the summer of 1991, came back to haunt me again.

In any event, I finished the workout strong, with the usual abs and "30s" routine. There's always room for improvement, and I intend to keep improving.

I capped today's training with 38 minutes of roadwork. (It's getting cold out there!)
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