Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sunday's Training

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I had a good workout on Sunday. As always, Glen was his enthusiastic self, and I had recovered enough from my cold/flu to actually put in some hard work. We have a new boxer in the group, Howard, who is also a lawyer. Like the rest of the boxers, he's a very likable fellow with decent boxing skills. He's also a southpaw, so it's great to have the opportunity to practice with another left-handed opponent.

We did a lot of drills. In addition to the attack and defense--the punches, slips, blocks, and other maneuvers that make up a boxer's arsenal--I paid special attention to balance and footwork. I noticed I was moving more smoothly and positioning myself a lot more effectively. Footwork and balance are really basic, and they seem basic after I do them well, but I don't think one can practice them too much. When I am well-positioned on my feet and in a state of balance, I can move a lot better, punch better, protect myself better, fight my fight (rather than the opponent's), and stay more energized. It can be surprising how tiring poor technique can be!

Howard and I sparred a spirited three rounds. He's a skilled strategist and knows how to use his left-handed stance to his advantage. Still, with the recent practice I've gotten with Scott, who is also a lefty, I was pretty confident during all three rounds. After those rounds, Glen gave us each a few suggestions for improvement, and Howard and I shared with one another our assessment of the work. It went well. We finished by doing a few rounds of heavy bag drills, abs, and then the crown jewel of the workout: the thirties.

I'm pleased with my progress, even though, as always, I see lots of things I can do better. We've got a good guys in our group, and everyone is very encouraging, so that's a huge help. I'm making some new friends, so that's a bonus. It's great to work with Glen. He's upbeat, keenly interested in our progress, and willing to explain and demonstrate moves for me as many times as it takes for me to get them right.

Often when I am close to doing a combination well, I'll ask Glen some questions about strategy I can use in case my opponent anticipates or counters any of my punches. I always want to stay a step or two ahead of the other guy. Glen always enthusiastically explains defenses and counters I'll likely face, and gives me concrete pointers for beating them.

I'm keeping up my training fairly regularly, despite my blogging about it less than I prefer. As some other things in life quiet down, I hope to write more here. I had also hoped to play hockey this winter, in a league, but there are only so many hours available. With the economy in the recession, I am really having to hustle to generate new business for my law firm. When I have fewer clients, my writing becomes a lot more important so I need to focus on that. At this point, boosting income and wealth is important, so I have to emphasize my professional life more. While I might play ice hockey next winter or in a summer league, or roller hockey in the summer, sadly that sport will have to stay on hold for a while. For now, my athletic endeavors will be aimed at becoming a better boxer.
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