Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Brief, and Far Too Tardy, Update

I'm a guy who often says that blogs should be updated frequently and regularly, if they are to be effective. During the last month--really, the last few months if I want to be candid about it--I haven't updated this blog frequently or regularly, so I have been violating my own rules.

It's the summer, usually the most productive and enthusiastic time of the year for me. My plan is to do more blogging during these summer months.

Training is going along reasonably well, though not optimally. I don't want to turn this blog entry into a complaint-fest, so I'll wrap it up by remembering the words concerning improvement that my grandfather, John Sebastian Imparl, often told me when I was a little boy. There is indeed much room for improvement, and I intend to use every cubic nanometer of it!

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