Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Chicago's Blizzard of 2011

The big snow hit last night. I was determined to walk out to the beach and look at the 20-foot waves that were supposed to be hitting the shore. Thank to all of my friends who expressed concern for me. I did stay safe. Sadly, though, I got no photos. Indeed, I didn't even get to see any big waves.

I live just two blocks from the beach. I went out and looked a few times. The problem is that the snow was falling so heavily, and the winds were blowing so hard, I couldn't even see a half a city block ahead of me.

Not willing to give up, I pressed onward. I thought I might see an open spot or two on the way where it wasn't so windy and the snow was not blasting in all directions. No such luck. As I walked further, the conditions were getting worse instead of better and the distance I could see ahead of me was getting noticeably shorter with every few footsteps I took.

By the time I got to Sheridan Road (the last street before the entrance to the park adjacent to the beach), all I could see was blowing snow--waves of it, not just flakes--and dim lights all around. Those were the reflections of the street lights bouncing all around in the snowy air.

Sheridan Road is usually a heavily traveled thoroughfare. Last night, however, I saw only one car and it was crawling down the street; no doubt, the driver was afraid to go any faster because he likely couldn't see anything! I couldn't even see to the other side of the street.

That was the point at which I decided to turn back. I figured the wind would even be worse out on the beach and I wouldn't be able to see much of anything. Another serious concern was that, even if I got to the beach, it was very possible some huge wave could hit me and knock me down before I even saw it coming. So, with much disappointment, I turned around and trudged through the ever-deepening snow back to my home. It felt good to enter my nice, toasty warm apartment.

So much for Steve's big adventure!

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