Saturday, March 19, 2011

(Almost) Spring Roadwork

Life has been occupied with a variety of things, few of them involving training. Yesterday, I got out for 39 minutes of roadwork, and that's how it has been going. Happily, the weather is getting warmer, so it's more pleasant to be outdoors.

Business at my law firm has been far too slow for my taste, so I've been hustling on the marketing efforts. They will bear fruit, it will just take a while. In addition to the regular quarterly updates I write for my book, Internet Law: The Complete Guide, I have picked up a few good writing projects that will help to pay the bills and are already proving to be enjoyable work.

Additionally, my mother has been hospitalized since mid-December, but she will go home a week from today. That's a huge relief, even though she has been staying at a very good facility where the staff treats the patients and residents really well. Having her there has put my mind at ease.

As for me, I'm heading out to absorb some of that famous Cornbelt sunshine and get the vitamin D levels cranking up. Be well.

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