Monday, August 22, 2011

Gearing Up for NLP

In April, I wrote about how I was planning to use some neuro-linguistic programming products created and published by Michael J.Emery. Four months later, here I am, and I haven't started working his sports-training programs yet. The time has come. My current plan is to work through them and blog about each session and my ideas about how I can use the new knowledge in training. I'll start with some smaller, more manageable goals, so that I'll actually use the programs I bought earlier this year!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy birthday to Flopsy!

Today is the birthday of my parents' second dog, a miniature schnauzer named "Flopsy." I was thinking about her a lot the last few days. For treats, she used to like small pieces of Earthgrains bagels and Honey Nut Cheerios. She was a sweet little dog, just like, Mopsy (the dog we had in our family when I was growing up) and Sebastian (the do who lives with my parents now).

Rest in peace, little Flopsy and Mopsy. I'll see you someday across the Rainbow Bridge. Oh, yeah, I'll be sure to take plenty of treats along! :-)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Racing through Summer; Working on Legal Matters

It's probably no surprise that I've been busy finding new business for my law firm. I am blessed to be self-employed, but it can be a lot of work sometimes. Now is one of those times.

That's an observation, not a complaint. I have been building a Web site to accompany my book, Internet Law: The Complete Guide. I'm using WordPress to create the site and am having some fun with this work. The first content on the site will be news headlines about topics related to Internet law. I have the structure and categories set up, so now it's just a matter of selecting the headlines to post. If you'd like to see it, go to the following link: