Thursday, January 12, 2012

Back in the Gym Today

Today was finally the day I got back to the gym to resume workouts. I intended to go easy my first time back, although once I got moving, I'm not so sure how easy I kept things. I guess I'll be able to tell by any soreness I feel tomorrow.

It was great to be back. We're getting a lot of snow here today, so that made traveling to and from my gym a bit slower than usual, but it wasn't all that bad. Rob, Chad, and Ricky really made me feel welcomed on my first day back and I appreciate that very much. Thanks, gentlemen!

Here's the breakdown of today's work.

  • 30 minutes roadwork
  • 3 rounds shadowboxing
  • 4 rounds double-end bag
  • 4 rounds speed bag
  • 1 round heavy bag
  • 1 round sit-ups and crunches
  • 8 rounds stretching/flexibility
I spent a lot of time working on flexibility. I've learned multiple times that one doesn't take a fairly long break from exercise and then jump right back into it without being respectful to one's body. If I honor flexibility and give it the attention and respect it deserves, I will be fine. I don't care to have any injuries in general, and it certainly doesn't make any sense to have my return to training stopped by injuries resulting from being a bit too eager to resume the exercise routine.

Today's return was something of a homecoming for me. Now, the challenge will be to arrange my time skillfully so that I will be able to fit in a lot of workouts and use the one-hour trip each way as working time. I am blessed to have some projects now that ought to fit into that kind of arrangement. Ah, so good to be back!


Difster said...

I have always wanted to learn how to box. I should one of these days. And not from one of those gyms that does it as a form of aerobics, but from an actual fighter.

Steven Imparl said...

I encourage you to do it. The workouts are intense, but really provide what one of my law school classmates called (in the context of concluding a semester) "a good, healthy feeling of exhaustion." I've also made some very good friends in the sport. Given your focus and tenacity, you'd likely be good at it.