Friday, April 20, 2012

"How Does The Financial Crisis Affect The Poker World?"

How Does The Financial Crisis Affect The Poker World?

by John Edmonds

Everyone knows that the financial crisis has been tough on everyone. A question important to participants in the gaming world is, how has the crisis affected poker? One would expect, with people having to cut back on recreational activities, poker would suffer as well. Again, the question is, has it?

How Has the Financial Crisis Affected Poker Pros?

It’s hard to say how the financial crisis has affected the lives of day-to-day rounders who grind it out online or at low to moderate stakes casino tables every day. One would imagine their jobs have gotten a little bit harder, as their tables are probably filled with more strong players and fewer tourists with money to burn. However, even in a struggling economy, there are always some people with money, and there often always seem to be people willing to risk that money gambling, hoping for a big score. There does not seem to be any danger of casinos or major online poker sites shutting down anytime soon, and poker pros seem to have managed to stay in action. 

How Has the Financial Crisis Affected Poker’s Future?

Poker has stayed strong enough that when the economy rebounds, poker probably will, too. In the meantime, the World Series Of Poker is still expected to attract thousands of players, with millions of dollars on the line. Hopefully whoever wins that money will pump it back into the global economy to help get things going again.

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