Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Best Punch/Photo of the Year?

Robert Ecksel at Boxing.com points us to Kevin Iole at Yahoo! Sports, who shares with us his assessment of a fine photo by Tim Shaffer at Reuters. Is that amazing, or what? Here's a direct link to Kevin's article. And here's the best news: Kevin Iole reports that, although the recipient of that punch, Tony Pietrantonio, lost the match, he was able to leave the ring under his own power and is doing fine. Winner Lavarn Harvell remained unbeaten, improving his record to 10-0.

This blog entry has a lot of links, but I want to make sure each of these guys gets proper credit and recognition with the search engines. If I had a link for Tim Shaffer, I'd post it, but I don't. Great work, gentlemen!

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