Friday, January 20, 2023

A Friendly Boxing Match: Memories

The ring is set, the crowd* is loud

As we both step inside

My heart is pounding, my palms are sweating

But I won't let my nerves decide

My best buddy stands across from me

With a look of fierce determination

But I know deep down, we're just friends

Playing out this friendly competition

The bell rings out, the fight begins

We dance around the ring

Trading jabs and hooks and uppercuts

As the crowd watches, cheering

We're evenly matched, it's clear to see

As we trade blow for blow

But I can sense my buddy's tiring

And I know I have to go

I let loose with a powerful right

That lands square on his jaw

He stumbles back, and I press my attack

Knowing this could be the final straw

But my buddy's not done yet

He rallies with a will of iron

And lands a punch that rocks my head

But I refuse to fall, I'm rising

We trade blows with all our might

Till the bell rings out the end

The crowd is on its feet, cheering

As we embrace as friends

The judges' decision is in

And it's a split decision win

For me, but it doesn't matter

We both gave it our all, and that's the real win

We raise our gloves in triumph

As the crowd roars its approval

This was just a friendly match

But the memories will last forever

We leave the ring, arms around each other

Knowing that our friendship is stronger

Than any punch, any blow

We'll always be there for each other

Through the good times and the bad

Through the wins and the losses

We'll always be the best of friends

And that's what truly matters.

* This boxing match was a friendly bout, held in our gym. Therefore, the "crowd" is about 10 people. 

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